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There is a vast variety of features you can add to an eCommerce site which can make it both unique and attractive. But, not everyone these features really have solid business value, and offer a rewarding return to the website proprietor. You may believe you’ve got everything contained in your eCommerce site that clients want and desire, but that might not be the situation. If you don’t have all the qualities identified below, it is very probable that at some stage your clients will begin requesting them.

1. Benefits of usability

Your clients are going to want to have the ability to get what they’re searching for very fast –at least 76 percent of those. Should you include a great deal of additional clutter and text, that will just get in the way and also make it tougher for them to obtain what they need. Ensure your clients can easily browse your website, with all motions being instinctive, particularly on your shopping cart procedure. If your eCommerce website isn’t simple to use, potential clients will abandon the website without having bought anything, and they likely won’t return.

You need to concentrate on providing competitive benefits of the eCommerce website rather than a bothersome experience.

2. Security features

Since eCommerce sites are so many and so hot, they create a very inviting target for the criminal enthusiastic. That makes it incredibly important that site owners protect their clients from hackers. Starting with the stage, your own eCommerce site ought to be hosted with a secure host, along with other safety features are essential. Nowadays, it is required to have an SSL certificate, so that exchanges between the website and clients are encrypted and secure.

A firewall can help prevent malicious traffic and give a secure gateway for approved traffic. Two-factor authentication provides an excess security layer such as a passcode, along with username and password. In case you’ve got a WordPress eCommerce website, you need to think about utilizing a host, for example, InMotion hosting, which delivers the vital Jetpack plugin as part of its own hosting package, in order to delight in all of its safety attributes.

3. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are crucial for supplying confidence to your prospective buyers since the top spokespersons are always those who have already used the item. Of all of the influences which could encourage a person to get an item, 92 percent of possible buyers state that the amount of inspection celebrities given to some product has become the most powerful. Even if product reviews are unfavourable, they can offer excellent value to you. Use the info in the negative testimonials to fix or alter issues with your services and products, so which you could turn a negative into a positive.

4. Mobile optimization

In case you have any doubt about the popularity of mobile devices used to make purchases, then think about that last year over 40 percent of Black Friday buys were made via mobile devices. It has been a developing tendency for many decades, and it is very probable that the trend will become more widespread in the next several years. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use, you are passing up a substantial quantity of sales.

5. Social evidence

Social evidence is essential that any internet shop make a relationship with buyers on a psychological level, in order to engage those clients and make trust. The very first step that you should do is to link your website to social networking networks.

By linking user-generated articles and social profiles along with your eCommerce website, you’ll be providing a whole lot more depth and personality to your eCommerce website. Provide your clients products and solutions along with pertinent content they care for, and you’ll encourage long-term client loyalty.

6. Online payment Choices

If your eCommerce website doesn’t provide advance payment choices to clients, you might be missing out on a possibility of earnings. Many clients prefer to use PayPal or Apple Pay, or maybe another progress payment alternative of the taste. Whether there are a few choices for payment you have reason to exclude, then you must point this out to your viewers, together with your reasons for this exception.

7. FAQs and contact type

There’ll undoubtedly be a few questions that clients have and that you haven’t provided answers for on your site. That makes it crucial that you attempt to include most of the most well-known questions within an FAQ page. In spite of this included in your site, there are very likely to be several questions that you have not thought about, which prospective clients may have. Be certain that you include a contact form on your site, in order to supply users with an alternative for asking any vital questions that happen to them. For clients who prefer to speak in person, it’s also wise to have a service telephone number to ensure it is effortless for them.


You may take an eCommerce site with cool features that add little value to consumer shopping experiences. Alternatively, you should concentrate the effort in creating good tweaks on the vital characteristics which could aid in improving site user experience.