Cheapest 4 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore? [in 2022]

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Being able to buy a property is part of every adult’s dream. It is an indication of all the hard work one has gone through. That is why it is essential to consider many factors before buying a 4 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore.

Especially in a property market like Singapore’s. Its property market is complex due to many reasons. However, one of the biggest factors that affected it, is the number of demands.

There are many residents living in flat in Singapore, both local and foreign, this is because its economy is stable. This attracts many investors and opens various job vacancies for many individuals.

4 bedroom hdb flat in singapore

That is why there is also a high demand for living space and flat in Singapore. This high demand causes prices to be expensive for the 4 bedroom HDB flat.

That is one of the reasons why buying a 4 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore must be taken seriously.

Also rooted in the fact that there is a high demand for buying a flat in Singapore, developers have built many housing options for the consumers.

There are condos like the M condo, landed properties, apartments, and many others.

One of the most popular options is the 4 bedroom HDB flat. It is government-funded housing thus costing less or cheaper than those made by private developers like condos in Penrose Condominium.

In HDB, there are various options one can choose from. The options vary in design, size, etc.

One factor that many consumers have a hard time deciding on is the size of the flat.

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An HDB flat offers 1 bedroom up to 5 bedroom flat in Singapore.

The most common is the 4 bedroom flat units, as it is not too small and not too big.

However, in times like this, is it practical to get a 4 bedroom HDB flat? To know your options, here are some pros and cons if you avail one.

Pros and Cons – Getting 4 Bedroom HDB Flat in Singapore


#1 Can be shared

Since apartment sharing is common nowadays, a four-bedroom unit can allow you to hate your flat.

This way you can save up on rent and other utility fees. Just like in the M condo, sharing your unit can have many benefits.

It can be shared with friends or family members. This way, you will be paying fewer costs while still being able to enjoy a large unit.

#2 Many functions

Since a 4 bedroom HDB flat is larger than the usual ones, it can have many functions. The things that you can do to a larger space are relatively more than a smaller unit.

This will let you explore more and maximize your living space. Unlike in one-bedroom or studio units wherein you will be forced to have limited movements and activities.

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As stated in the first point, one of the things that you can do in a large space has more tenants or occupiers. This statement is true for Penrose Condominium.

Although condos are relatively smaller than HDB flats, Penrose Condominium units are larger than usual condos.

Having a large living space allows you to have more freedom when it comes to various activities and designs.

#3 Higher resale value

If you are buying a 4 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore, you must keep in mind the resale value.

That is to ensure that you can have a financial fallback in the future. Having a moderately large and not too small unit is ideal.

Large units can sometimes be hard to sell as they would cost more.

While small units are also hard to resell because they are not wanted.

Therefore, having a property in the middle ground of these sizes gives you an advantage. That can also be true to the units in the M Condo.

The units in the M condo have a high resale value as they are in demand.

Besides, units in Penrose Condominium can also be easily resold.

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4 bedroom HDB flat


#1 Higher maintenance costs

Relative to studio units or one-bedroom HDB flat units, this can be more costly when it comes to maintenance. That is because the bigger space would require more resources.

For example, utilities may be more expensive. Since there were also more people using this space, it is maybe worn out faster.

Therefore, causing you to spend immediately or sooner on renovation costs. However, any unit would be needing a renovation eventually.

That is why one must research and weigh the pros and cons before deciding. In the M Condo, maintenance costs are relatively smaller or cheaper than in other units.

Know more

There are many housing options and flat in Singapore. One of the most popular nowadays is the units in Penrose Condominium. To know more, visit us in SRX Property today!

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