Breast Augmentation Dubai: Best Wardrobe Guide 2022

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breast augmentation dubai

Apart from lip fillers and tummy tucks, breast augmentation Dubai procedures are trending. Women get them for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

Some wish to improve their appearance by getting a breast augmentation procedure if their figure has suffered due to pregnancy, weight loss, mastectomy, or symmetry issues.

Whatever the reason, the breast implant procedure is one of the most widely done cosmetic surgery practices globally.

Once you get the procedure done, revamping the wardrobe is the fun part for most.

Many women, due to their physique, could not wear their dresses.

When they finally have the silhouette they can flaunt, their old dress size and the styles, may not work anymore on their newly acquired body.

Having a new bustline allows them to have a voluptuous and curvier body that makes them feel more feminine.

The new body image also adds to the confidence and a smile on your face.

What to wear after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Today, we will tell you all about how you should be shopping after getting breast implants.

Let your Body Recover First

First of all, you have to wait for your body to recover fully to enjoy the shopping experience.

breast augmentation dubai

The breasts might still be swollen a month after surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon that does breast augmentation in Dubai shall advise the clothing you ought to wear during that period.

It would be best to give a lot of support and care to the breasts. The essential piece of garment is a medical support bra.

It shall provide you with the utmost comfort and support in the initial weeks.

Also, have some loose-fitting sweatshirts, zip-ups, and button-front tops.

So you can dress with ease without raising your arms, which might cause discomfort initially as it stretches the chest area.

Shop for Lingerie That Fits Well after Breast Implants

breast augmentation dubai

Before getting on with the dresses and new tops to match your unique curves and contours, you need to focus on your breast support.

Get some new undergarments and women’s sports bras, as stated above, for comfort and reliable support. Support is the key here!

Whatever you buy should style and suit your new shape. Also, make sure that the bras you shop to fit you well.

A high percentage of women experience back pain and other kinds of discomfort due to wearing the wrong size bras.

As a result, their breasts do not get proper support.

After getting breast augmentation, wearing a bra that fits well ensures that your breasts are getting good help while they heal.

Wearing a good fit also enhances your new breasts.

Find Dresses that emphasize your Waist

Once you get breast implants, see that you get dresses that focus on your waist.

Why? You can’t and shouldn’t focus on the bust all the time. The key to having body balance is accentuating the waist.

Your aim should be an hourglass figure, and you will balance out and pull off anything you wear nicely.

Accentuate Without Making it Too Obvious

We have talked about support and focusing on the waist. Now let’s get down to your new curvy silhouette.

Once you have healed and are shopping for shirts and tops, it’s time to shop for pieces that allow you to pull off your new look cohesively.

Do not get strapless pieces or bras as they don’t support the bust but squeeze it.

Go for v-necks or cowl necks to flaunt your new shape.

If you wear a good-fit bra, your new curves will get the right support and attention!

Don’ts of Clothes Shopping after Breast Augmentation

  • Do not get baggy shirts or heavy coats. See your comfort too, but mostly, bring clothes that complement your attitude, personality, and newfound confidence.
  • Unless the fabric is stretchable, it might be challenging to get dresses that are a good fit for your ‘new’ body.
  • Avoid getting buttoned shirts as you fear peepholes, button pop, or fabric stretch. Fitted or tailored clothing is going to suit your new voluptuous body the best as well as fitted tees and tank tops.
  • If you want to dress conservatively, but don’t want to look bulky, loose blouses and tees are great. However, do look out for the billowing effect.

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Final words – Post Breast Augmentation Dubai Wardrobe

It is both fun and a struggle to get the most suitable and comfortable clothes after breast augmentation surgery.

As you rummage through your wardrobe, some items are going to stay, some will go, and some of the forgotten articles are going to get a new life.

I would recommend that you should follow the tips mentioned above to avoid any troubles or wardrobe malfunctions, after getting breast augmentation surgery.

Whether it is getting breast implants or any breast augmentation surgery, make sure that you always strictly follow any advice or restrictions the cosmetic surgeons may have given you.

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