You Must have the Best Dubai Desert Safari Experience in 2022

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We all know Dubai as the land of dreams and the Dubai Desert Safari! Without any doubt, it is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

Everyone has heard stories about the city’s ultra-modern architecture and luxury shopping scene, but a visit without experiencing Dubai desert safari is like a half-done job.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Dubai Desert Safari might consider it a brutal sport.

But with the luxuries of today’s age, it is one of the most thrilling yet reliable and secure adventures.

Dubai Desert Safari Experience | Eight Reasons

There are plenty of things for your activity exposure in deserts, and here are some top reasons for you to apprehend why your life is incomplete without the Dubai desert safari experience:

1. Enchanted Sand Dunes

Dubai desert Safari Experience

The mesmerizing sight of stretched dunes and sand beds is a fascination in itself. To witness the wilderness of a desert surrounded by world-class technology and stunning skyscrapers is a catchy composition.

You can experience the bare desert life and the unique luxurious life at the same time, here in the land of dreams.

2. Photography in the Essence of Nature

Imagine the sunset and sunrise behind the hills of sand.

The camera captured the view of the desert embankment as an adornment to your Instagram as it is one of the most eye-catching glimpses.

So, don’t forget to bring your camera along with you in the desert because you’re going to regret it if your camera lens misses the beauty your eyes will witness.

3. Dubai Desert Safari Ride

Dubai desert Safari Experience

Trekking the pagan desert in a 4×4 luxury vehicle such as a Land Cruiser or Tundra is a lifelong activity that will always remain in your memory.

Riding on a well-maintained all-terrain SUV equipped with a roll-cage over chaotic dunes and then drifting along the descending slope sounds like an action movie scene.

However, in a Dubai desert safari ride, you can witness all of the rally thrills at once. You don’t need to worry even if you’re alone.

You’re always welcome to experience a luxury safari ride in the coliseum of the desert.

4. Quad-Biking in the Dubai Desert

Dubai desert Safari Experience

Suppose you’re more of a bike adventure person, no worries at all because safari operators in Dubai will cover it all.

You will be provided with a quad-bike, with the necessary safety gears. There you can enjoy a thrilling experience like never before.

You will be captivated by desert magic while your quad-bike will be grappling in sand tracks.

5. Sand Boarding

If you want even more desert closure with vast amounts of adrenaline rushing through your veins, sandboarding is your groove.

You will be riding a sandboard strapped to your feet and testing your balance and swiftness skills by gliding tall and steep dunes.

Sand-boarding adventure will be not only a party starter but also a fan magnet for your Dubai vacation stories.

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6. Camel Riding

Dubai desert Safari Experience

If you have a philosophical mind, sighting a desert will make you ponder over biblical times and how Arabs used to travel in such a lonely place.

In this desert expedition, you will explore the travel mode used in ancient times by riding a camel in solitaire.

That will take you closer to the history of that land and make you realize how things have changed over time.

7. Bedouin Camping

If you have a special place for Arab tradition in your heart, then bedouin camping is a must-have experience for you.

These camps are traditionally decorated with lamps and floor beds under an empty sky in the middle of a desert.

Arab cultural activities like hookah smoking, henna wearing, trying out Arab costumes, etc., are all done during bedouin camping.

8. Night Camping Safari

As the name suggests, night camping is a combination of all activities mentioned above with an addition of an overnight stay in a camp set up in the desert.

That is more like an adventurous experience rather than a luxury vacation.

Staying the whole night in the desert is a once in a life experience, which will leave its traces in your memory for the rest of your life.

If you want some adventure and thrill in your mundane life, think no more and book yourself a Dubai Desert Safari because you will always remember and boast about it as one of the most flashy ventures.

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