Calming First-Day Jitters at a New Job

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When starting a new job, most people will experience some level of nervousness and panic. They still don’t know the team, and they are unsure what they can say or should avoid at the office. They are insecure about the capacity to perform a new job. They still don’t know their schedule, flexibility, and many other uncertainties that make them feel uncomfortable.

This article presents five steps to take before starting a new job to be prepared appropriately, calm any first-day jitters, and make a great first impression on your new employer and coworkers.

Here are five ways to calm those jitters and have a stellar first day leaving a great impression.

Do Some Research

Preparing for your first day starts long before the day comes. Doing some research on your new workplace can help you feel prepared and reduce any worries nagging you. 

If you were given an employee handbook, read it from cover to cover and consider taking some notes. If not, your new workplace’s website may have some helpful basic information about what to expect.

Try to understand the outfit, the tone of voice used (are they relaxed or formal in the way they talk), and the teamwork value.

Plan Ahead

Doing some planning about the logistics of your first day can go a long way towards calming nerves.

What are you going to wear on your first day? 

Something comfortable that matches what other employees wear are best.

What are you going to eat?

Packing a special lunch that you enjoy can help you get through what may be a challenging day. Consider preparing your lunch the night in advance rather than the morning of.

Do you know the route to get there?

Ensure you know the route you will take to your new workplace, how long it will take to get there, and where you park. It may be helpful to make a practice trip to and from your workplace a few days before you start.

Avoid Things That You Must Not say At The Workplace.

This is a typical mistake people make on the first days. When starting talking to their first-day colleagues at work, fast enough, the conversation becomes informal, and you end up exploding yourself to those who you don’t know well yet. The best to do is always to stay professional and format until you understand the company’s culture and the team spirit. Always avoid bad words and stay away from jokes yet.

Write Down any Concerns

If there is anything else worrying you about your first day, write it down on a piece of paper. It can be helpful to see what is causing you anxiety written down in front of you. 

Decide whether your remaining worries, if there are any, are rational or not. If they are, take whatever steps you can to alleviate these concerns.

If they are not, try doing an activity that brings you comfort and relaxation to reduce these anxieties.

Get a Good Sleep

Good sleep is a must for a good day. You want your mind and body to be at their best. Ensuring you get to bed early the day before starting your new job will allow you to avoid being groggy or grumpy and will help to settle your nerves. 

A cup of chamomile tea or a melatonin capsule can help you fall asleep quickly despite any nerves threatening to keep you awake.

Eat Well

The morning before your first day is not the time to skip breakfast. If possible, eat something high in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep you alert and full until your lunch break. A tall glass of water is a good idea as well.

Consider avoiding coffee or other caffeinated drinks until later in the day – caffeine can trigger your “fight or flight” response making your nerves even worse.

Wrapping Up

Starting a new job is never easy, but following these five steps is key to preparing for the exciting journey you are about to undertake.

While you may still experience some nervousness on your first day, be careful with inadequate communication, pay attention to other colleagues, and prepare your plan. Preparing correctly is the first step to reducing anxiety, doing your best, and leaving a great first impression on your new employer and coworkers!

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