Best Flowers Gifts [in 2022] For Unforgettable Memories

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Our minds always remember things like flowers gifts, more vividly whenever something different happens to us apart from the ordinary moments of our daily living and our usual way of celebration.

Every year our birthday comes, and every year we get tons of birthday wishes from our family and friends. But what if one time you get a midnight surprise, a special birthday wish with a stunning flower bouquet at your doorsteps?

Won’tWon’t you be euphoric and want the memory of it is something never to be forgotten? Yes, this is the magical power that flowers have, which have a lasting impact on someone’s mind to be cherished forever.

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There are lots of gifts available in the market, but nothing is as timeless as flowers.

The value of it will never reduce. It is intriguing how something as simple as a flower creates the most space in our hearts and gives a lovely everlasting memory.

The dust can never gather on that part of the mind and make the vivid pictures less visible. 

Flowers gift pulls the strings of the lovely memories

flowers giftFlowers transport us down memory lane. People love giving surprises to their loved ones and also love to receive them. It happens both ways, and there’s no denying that we would love getting flowers as a surprise gift.

The rich colored petals of the flowers act as a nourishment to the soul, and anything that touches the soul remembers it for the rest of the life. Flowers beckon the onlooker into its captivating aura.

This happy, radiant, and cheerful aura of nature’s blossoms are enough to make your loved ones ecstatic on their special day, and the statement also works in the reverse direction, to turn someone’s ordinary day extraordinary. 

Flowers brighten up every celebration. Regardless of the occasion’s nature, flowers hold much value in each ceremony and event, going beyond its aesthetic views. 

Wedding Flowers Gift

Flowers are the most integral part of weddings in any culture. Each flower that’s used in marriage holds significant importance and is used for a purpose. Though flowers of many types are used, the most significant ones are as follows:


Marigold symbolizes the drive of a successful relationship. This flower is considered auspicious to use in the onset of a new beginning of life.

The vibrant yellow/orange color of the marigold also radiates positivity. That’s why it is used in many ways in the wedding, of all the important to mention in making the garland and the puja rituals.


Marriage is the union of the two souls in love with each other, and roses, the flower of love has to be one of the most important flowers of the wedding ceremony.

The vibrant red roses are another flower used in the making of the garland and decorate the whole venue where the wedding would take place.

The rich red roses create a love-filled environment amidst which the couple would be tying the knot.


Chrysanthemum flower is closely associated with weddings because of the beautiful meaning it represents. Chrysanthemum symbolizes long life and cheerfulness.

The beginning of a new life should include all the joy, good vibes, and well wishes.


Tuberose is a lovely fragrant flower commonly known as ”Rajanigandha”. It is widely used in Indian weddings and is mainly used as one of the garland’s central flowers.

Tuberose symbolizes purity and pleasure. 

Birthday Flowers Gift

Flowers are a huge hit as a thoughtful gift on birthdays. The cake is the vital one, and it has become as such that the birthday would be incomplete without cutting the cake.

But only cake on birthdays seems like something is missing. And flowers fulfill the missing spot. Vibrant birthday flowers have thus become an essential add-on for the celebration.

The alluring beauty of flowers turns the special day of a person’s life more memorable and can never be forgotten.

If you are considering midnight birthday celebrations or birthday surprises anywhere in India, you can check out Floraindia’s extensive range of handcrafted birthday flower arrangements. 

Anniversary flowers Gift

Anniversary is the day of reliving all the special moments of the wedding and celebrating the successful marriage.

Flowers are the most popular gift of an anniversary because it is the flowers which trigger the sweet, emotional moments spent on the wedding day again to remember more vividly and relish the moments again with our partner.

Flowers on the wedding day witnessed the amalgamation of two lovers, and flowers on every anniversary accompany the couple to retain the same essence and freshness of the marriage as the way it feels at the beginning.

Love flowers Gift

Flowers get so much love from Mother Earth, from the gardener and the florists.

And when a thing is nurtured and grown with so much love, it is bound to possess the capacity to spread equal amounts of love in its surrounding wherever it be.

Flowers are an excellent way to express the love someone has for somebody, and it is the best way a suitor can impress his or her perspective love.

The charm that flowers possess has an instant effect on anyone who gets in contact with them, and a bunch of fresh-cut flowers is the ideal way to propose or gift your beloved on Valentine’s day. 


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