Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water – Best Way To Rejuvenate Your Body

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benefits of drinking hot water

The primary goal for each of us in our life is health. Therefore, today we will discuss the health benefits of drinking hot water daily.

We want to stay in shape, and at the same time, we want people around us to be healthy.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine known for thousands of years.

According to the individual doses, Ayurveda advises what we should consume and avoid. It urges us on what type of physical activity is suitable for us.

It points out the strengths and advises on overcoming the weaker ones.

The Ayurveda doctor determines the accuracy of our dosha. However, you can take a test according to which you will find out which dos is closest to you.

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However, some Ayurveda approaches remain the same, whatever your dosha is.

According to Ayurveda medicine doctors, one of them is drinking hot water, which is the key to health.

Drinking Hot Water – Morning habits

We already know that it is not best to start the day with coffee. Many of us changed tea or a glass of water before coffee.

However, this is not the most appropriate either. Tea affects us in some way.

That’s great in itself and can be very beneficial. According to Ayurveda, however, we should receive water first, without any doubts.

A glass of warm water naturally detoxifies the body after the last night.

After last night, when our organs had room and time to regenerate, we should provide the body with a glass of lukewarm water and start a new day.

From personal experience, I can say that once you make a habit of drinking hot water in the morning, you can hardly imagine a morning without it.

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Is it better to drink cold or warm water?

Warm water beautifully starts the metabolism. It also contains an element of fire, and it is suitable for our digestive fire.

At the same time, it is more pleasant for our body, and the body does not have to start heating the water immediately.

Therefore, it is better to drink warm water and not drink cold water.

Why drink a glass of hot water every morning?

Drinking hot water has a positive effect on our body and mind.

There are several benefits of drinking hot water:

  1. Stimulates the digestive tract and kidney function
  2. Detox organism
  3. Renews skin cells, thus increasing skin elasticity
  4. Speeds up metabolism, i.e., we break down subcutaneous fat faster
  5. Acts on the abdominal muscles, which can relieve menstrual cramps in females
  6. Positively affects blood circulation
  7. Calms the stomach, prevention of digestive problems
  8. Calms the mind
  9. Acne prevention
  10. Supports hair growth and hydration

benefits of drinking hot water

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Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Ayurveda teaches us that we should live life in harmony and not deviate from balance.

It follows that we should not generally drink too cold fluids. It brings our body out of harmony.

We should take fluids at our body temperature or warmer.

Is it safe to drink hot water from the tap?

If you know that the water coming out of the tap is clean, in that case, drinking hot water from the tap is safe. But I recommend that you should boil water in an electric kettle. That will get rid of any harmful substances.

When I am in a hurry in the morning, I mix boiled water with cold water.

That way, you can drink hot water immediately and supply the body with the necessary hydration and only then drink tea and other beverages.

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Drink hot lemon water in the morning

Some people say that it is advisable to drink warm water in the morning with lemon.

Opinions differ on this, but it is usually recommended to drink at least one glass of warm water along with a lemon. It’s not such a shock to the body immediately.

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Hot water not only in the morning

We don’t have to drink hot water only in the morning. It is advisable to consume it during the day, as it cleanses our body.

A glass of hot water, for example, before a meal, is suitable to start our digestive tract. No large amount of water is needed.

There should be at least 30 to 40 minutes between drinking and eating.

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The author of the book Water for Health, Treatment, and Life by F. Batmanghelidj states that common ailments of the body and possible diseases are caused by dehydration.

We should not wait until we are thirsty because water is the primary energy source.

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