10 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Your Teeth in 2022

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Taking care of your teeth is something that we all are taught from a very young age. The process of a teeth-care guide is the same as that of learning how to read and write or how to tie your shoes.

It was during my appointment at Fatima Dental Clinic in Karachi, that the leaflet I was reading by the best dentist in Karachi made me realize that dental care is not a new trend.

know about your teeth

In fact, the use of toothpaste dates back to 500 B.C. Greeks would clean their teeth using a mixture of coral powder and iron mixture and tree twigs were used as toothbrushes.

But, thanks to the modern era, dental care has exceeded just brushing and flossing your teeth.

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Now, we have so many advanced tools and technologies to help us achieve good teeth and ultimately a “Beautiful Smile”.

Even then, dental diseases are one of the most common and neglected health issues.

We should also not forget that dental treatments are one of the most expensive health or aesthetic treatment worldwide.

For this very reason, protecting your teeth and oral health is very important.

Now coming towards something interesting, let me ask how many of you know everything about teeth? Well, it might sound cliché but, even our teeth have some amazing facts you need to know.

So, for this, I have compiled 10 unique points for your teeth.

I am sure many of you would already know about it, if not then let’s get started!

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Facts Your Teeth Want You to Know

1. Like DNA-Your Teeth are Unique

Yes, you have read it right! Just like your unique DNA fingerprint, your teeth are unique.

Every individual has a unique set of teeth, and that is why dental records are used by archaeologists to identify the human remains.

Interestingly, even when you see identical twins, they too, don’t have the same dental pattern. Adding more awe-factor, we all have a unique “tongue pattern” as well.

2. You have 32 Teeth

An average adult has 32 teeth. If you have 28 teeth and not 32, you don’t have to worry as the time to have wisdom teeth vary from person to person.

Now, let’s break it down to how you have 32 teeth. You have actually four sets of teeth namely:

ٖFour Sets Of Teeth

  1. Incisors- your front teeth (8)
  2. Canines (4)
  3. Premolars (8)
  4. Molars (12).

know about your teeth

3. Teeth are Like Icebergs

Your gums are responsible for holding your teeth intact. In fact, about 1/3rd of every tooth resides under your gums.

For this very reason, you need to take extra care of your gums. The gums shouldn’t be bleeding as it would make you lose your teeth.

Your gums should be firm and pink in color.

4. Enamel – Hardest Part of Your Teeth and Body

Your teeth have an outer layer known as Enamel. It is the hardest part of your body and its main purpose is to protect your teeth from decay.

Enamel is composed of phosphate and calcium.

Your bones are also made from this but enamel is stronger because it has specific proteins.

The proteins crystallite and then form the enamel.

5. Enamel is Hardest But Not Invincible

Your enamel may be the strongest part of your body but, it is still prone to decay. If you consume acidic foods or drinks with high sugar content the process of tooth decay increases.

The acids and sugars in all those food would provide nourishment and interact with the bacteria present in your mouth and start the process of tooth decay.

In this particular scenario, soft drinks, and other carbonated beverages are more harmful.

6. Enamel Don’t Grow But Dentin Does

Enamel is not the only hardest part of the body. In fact, the layer that is present beneath the enamel is even harder as compared to your bones.

Dentin is basically made up of unique passageways and channels that help in transmitting the nutrition and nerve signals via tooth.

For this reason, your dentin change and grow throughout your life while enamel on the other hand doesn’t.

7. Yellowing of Teeth-Tooth Decay Alarm

If you have white teeth, it’s due to the enamel and if your teeth start to appear yellow, it shows that your teeth have started to decay.

The toothache that you suffer from can also be due to the decaying of your enamel.

8. Your Mouth is Home to Bacteria

Your normal microbiome of the mouth contains various bacteria. Some are good bacteria and some are harmful bacteria.

But, you need to take extra care of your oral hygiene as the plaque that builds up in your mouth contains about 200-300 different types of bacteria.

9. Plaque Is Your Teeth Enemy

The fact is that plaque is the ultimate fact and everyone is going to get it at any stage of life.

But, plaque is your enemy as it continuously grows and leads to tooth decay.

If you do not brush or floss your teeth, ultimately the plaque would get hard turning into tartar and ultimately leading to teeth loss.

10. You Produce Gallons of Saliva

Do you know that an individual literally produces this much saliva that over a lifetime it is equal to 10,000 gallons of spit? Hugeeeee!!!! Isn’t it.

But, let’s not forget that this saliva is very important for you and your body.

You can take a simple example, your saliva helps in proper chewing, grinding, and eating of food, thus helping in the digestion of food.

It also helps to wash away any food particles that come or stick to your teeth.

Saliva contains phosphate and calcium as well, which not only helps in neutralizing the acid present in the plaque but also prevents tooth decay and damage.

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Final Words

In the end, your teeth are not just for a beautiful smile. It is in fact the crown you carry and help you eat your favorite food.

Besides, Who Doesn’t Love Food? Obviously, No One. Right?!

So, Don’t Forget to Brush your Teeth gently, twice a day and floss once a day, and get a regular dental checkup.

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