Mesmerizing Destinations to Explore in 2022

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Well, 2022 is finally revealing itself as the positive year that everyone was expecting it to be.

However, to make the most out of this fantastic year, why not explore some new and unique destinations that people usually don’t get to see.

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Exotic Destinations in The World: Explore in 2022

On this note, let’s take a look at some exotic destinations you must visit this year!

1. Lord Howe Island, Australia

mesmerizing destinations to explore

Known as the last paradise of the Tasman Sea, Lord Howe is a small island situated in the Tasman Sea that was free from humans till the 18th century.

Even today, only 400 visitors are allowed at a time to be present on the island.

This policy is adopted to save one of the earth’s most isolated ecosystems.

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This unique and mesmerizing island is only seven miles long and one mile wide.

Additionally, it is also part of the World Heritage list of islands remnants of an underwater volcano that erupted millions of years ago beneath the ocean.

Consequently, the morphology of the landscapes and the flora and fauna species found here are distinct and rare.

2. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada

mesmerizing destinations to explore

Sitting on the Arctic and Great Slave Lake banks’ edge, Yellowknife’s city came into being when 20,000 people settled here in the 1930s.

Gold was discovered in this area, so gold mining became the essential industry in Yellowknife for decades till the last one closed in 2004.

Moreover, in 1991, one of the richest diamond deposits was discovered here, and after that, diamond mining started in this area.

However, this isn’t the main reason why you should visit Yellowknife.

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It is the only place on earth where you can witness the magnificent aurora borealis, i.e., the northern lights 240 nights a year.

Apart from this massive attraction, Yellowknife’s area also has picturesque surroundings to find inner peace and solace.

3. England Coast Path, U.K

mesmerizing destinations to explore

England Coast Path is the world’s longest seafront trail, almost 2,800 miles long.

This year, it will be available for visitors in its full form as the entire walking trail will be unveiled this season.

Therefore, to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, you must add England Coast Path to this year’s travel plans.

Because of England’s unique topography, this country enjoys a zigzag and uneven boundary with the sea.

Thus, there are tons of secretive coves, plenty of estuaries, inlets, and promontories, along with scenic port towns and windswept bluffs that you can find here.

4. Hortobagy, Hungary

mesmerizing destinations to explore

Another enthralling landscape worth visiting this year is the Hortobagy National Park in Hungary.

An area perfect to practice social distancing while appreciating the captivating views of nature.

These Great Hungarian Plains are part of the world heritage site.

It is the most extensive native grassland remaining in Europe, having more than millennia-old pastoral traditions.

This area has poor soil that isn’t fit for farming because of alkaline marches, and it helped keep this grassland as it is.

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Free from farming and development, this puszta still flourishes with a rich ecosystem under protection since 1973.

Once you’re here, you can spot 340 rare species of birds along with several migratory ones.

This park is Europe’s largest birding location, where tons of bird watchers, as well as ornithologists, visit every year.

5. Transylvania, Romania [The Land of Dracula]

mesmerizing destinations to explore

Well, who hasn’t heard about Transylvania, the land of Dracula? Whether you’re a fan of Bram Stoker or not, you would still know of his notorious novel Dracula.

Transylvania’s city rose to fame because of the Gothic horror novel and has been associated with the devil ever since.

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However, mystery and fantasy isn’t the only thing you get to see once you visit the Romanian region of Transylvania.

This area has the perfect pastoral European feel that is quite rare to find nowadays.

Transylvania has bucolic charms that even attracted the Prince of Wales’s interest, who is now funding the preservation of local architecture.

These are some of the fascinating and spellbinding that you should consider visiting this year.

mesmerizing destinations to explore

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