The 9 Life Path indicates you have a commanding presence. You have the ability to make friends very easily, as people are attracted to your magnetic, open personality. The term "hail-fellow" may have been coined to describe a 9 Life Path, as you may indeed be one of those who is generally upbeat and heartily friendly and congenial. You meet people easily and are quickly befriended because of your openness and amiable demeanor. Your genial ways often put you in the lead in whatever field of endeavor you pursue.
Challenge: You have so many ideas and inspirations, in such a unique way you might not know how to handle the energy or have the confidence to bring your ideas to fruition. You can over-think things. Because your are learning how to assert you will, sometimes you appear more confident than you actually are and come across as bossy and/or arrogant, or are afraid to come across that way so you suppress your power. Since you are learning how to BE an authority, you sometimes conflict with authority. Once you learn to have the confidence to be your creative, unique and inventive self, you can thrive.

During the essence of the number 7, many of the events in your life now will often involve study, a sense of isolation, and an inwardly focused attitude toward yourself. A time of looking for an understanding of fundamentals and pursuing new interests has arrived. You are likely to find yourself withdrawing for a time of reflection and perhaps even meditation, hopefully comfortable with a chance for repose.

Since the number 7 deals with perfection and completion, it comes as no surprise that the word "correct" is found 7 times, the 7th time being this passage: "Fear thou not, O Jacob my servant, saith the LORD: for I am with thee; for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven thee: but I will not make a full end of thee, but correct thee in measure; yet will I not leave thee wholly unpunished" (Jeremiah 46:28). God says He is going to make an end (7) of the nations of the world (4). This tells us that God's work on earth is going to be "finished". The word "finished" is found 42 (7 x 6) times. This was the word used by Jesus on the cross to mark the completion of the His sacrifice for the world: "It is finished." The word "rested" is found 21 (7 x 3) times, including the Genesis 2:2 reference where it tells us that God "rested" on the 7th day. It also comes as no surprise that the word "perfectly" is found 7 times.

If you are living with the positive attributes of the number 2 Life Path, you are apt to have the most delicate ability to be balanced and fair. You clearly see the full spectrum of viewpoints in any argument or situation, and because of this, people may seek you out to be a mediator. In this role you are able to settle disputes with the most unbiased flair. There is sincere concern for others; you think the best of people, and want the best for them. You are honest and open in thought, word and deed. You excel in any form of group activity where your expertise in handling and blending people can be used effectively. Manners and tact mark your way with others, and you are not one to dominate a group or situation. You are the master of compromise and of maintaining harmony in your environment. As the ultimate team member, you never demand praise or recognition.

Most people in Continental Europe,[10] and some in Britain and Ireland as well as Latin America, write 7 with a line in the middle ("7"), sometimes with the top line crooked. The line through the middle is useful to clearly differentiate the character from the number one, as the two can appear similar when written in certain styles of handwriting. This glyph is used in official handwriting rules for primary school in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, other Slavic countries,[11] France, Italy, Belgium, Finland,[12] Romania, Germany, Greece,[13] and Hungary.[14][not in citation given]
What is Dream Number - Personality number is known also as Dream or Inner-Dream number. The number is calculated from consonants in a name. This is the number which describes your personality, indeed your first impression on others. In simple words, this describes how and what you present yourself to the world. This is your outer personality which may be different from your inner soul.
Although you may have considerable creative and artistic talents, the chances are that you will devote yourself to an occupation that shows concern for the betterment of the home and of the community at large. The destiny of the 6 is often a career in medicine, welfare work, education, dealing in the arts, furniture, decorating, landscaping, home construction, religious endeavors, or scientific fields.

Challenge – You give too much of yourself to others and find yourself taken advantage of. Because of this, you don’t have the energy to use toward building your own dreams, and find yourself feeling exhausted and unappreciated.  You are highly sensitive and psychic. Use your empathic abilities to tune into your inner voice, rather than always pleasing others.
People with a missing number 1 will find it difficult to express themselves and their individuality. They will, most likely, not have any major issues with ego or self-pride, and may spend most of their time helping and nurturing others. Maybe, that is why the beginning of the 2000’s is also termed as the Age of Humanity (or the Age of Aquarius by many Astrology beliefs).
The number 6 Destiny suggests that the direction of growth in your lifetime will be toward a greater sense of responsibility, love, and balance. Development in life must make you more helpful, conscientious, and capable of rectifying and balancing any sort of inharmonious situation. You must be a person very much inclined to give help and comfort to those in need. You have a natural penchant for working with the old, the young, the sick, or the underprivileged.
The Classical Name Numerology Calculator below gives each letter a value corresponding to those of the ancient Greek alphabet. Some Greek letters are not found in modern English (and vice versa). In these cases, the closest phonetic match is used. Often the Greek letter corresponds more closely to a sound represented in English by two letters (e.g., 'NG', or 'PS'). You should always prefer these two-letter forms where they appear in your name.
This Life Path is perhaps the one that is the most concerned with and desirous of status as an ultimate measure of success. You want to be recognized for your hard work and achievements. The attainment of honors and acceptance into the club of executive leadership is all important. For this, you may find yourself very well suited to compete in the business world or in the political arena.

 Strong points: They are thought of having philosophical qualities – mysterious, quiet and skillful in analysis. Their clear awareness and prudent attitude give them a swift intuition. Confronted with some complicated problems, they can quickly calm down and find solutions. Additionally, they have a sensitive intuition and self-control introspection. Their strong sense of justice and sympathy help them make many friends. What’s more, they have a unique aesthetic sense. The purity of their temperament sets a good example for many people around.

Ones feel entitled to respect and can become demanding and domineering when it’s not given. When this happens, Ones turn into warriors and will attempt to force their values and opinions and will not listen to anyone else. You are a pragmatist and can often have a hard time relating to other’s emotions. You see through charm easily and you will not stand for hypocrisy. However, if Ones can harness their natural instinct to protect into compassion and understanding, they will earn unlimited loyalty from followers.
On seventh day the creation was complete. Thus the number seven represents completeness. After the seventh day the world was complete and nothing could be added to it neither could something be taken away from it without marring it. So the world was perfect on the seventh day. The word finished is also connected with the number seven. The word created is used seven times in connection with God’s work. The high priest sprinkled blood on the mercy seat seven times on the Day of Atonement; this denotes completeness in the redemptive works of God. The candlestick in the Holy place of Tabernacle had seven branches and this denotes the completeness in the light of God for man’s soul. The blessings of the Lord are promised to His people seven times in the Book of Revelation. Life operates in a cycle of sevens. Every seven years changes occur in our body. There are seven bones in our face, neck, ankle and there are seven holes in our head. The mystery of God is completed in the seventh vial of the seventh trumpet of the seventh seal. There are seven parables of Mathews. There are seven mysteries. The seven eternal things in Hebrews.
Let me give you an example. I have both a 16/7 Life Path and a 16/7 Personality. The 16/7 Life Path, derived from my date of birth, reveals my path to be one of spiritual growth, driven by intellectual curiosity, a search for knowledge, for understanding. Not about just anything, but specifically about life and death and the mystery of it all. This is, and has always been, the main ingredient of my life, so I guess Numerology's description of my Life Path number is accurate. But how about that 16/7 Personality? Wouldn't that pretty much give me the same attributes? Well, yes and no. The 16/7 Personality gave me those same traits, but packaged and delivered quite differently. My external presence, now mostly outgrown thank you very much, was that of a geeky introvert bookworm. A quiet intellectual hiding behind Coke bottle lenses and feeling uncomfortable and out of place pretty much anywhere. These traits are typical to a 16/7 Personality, but not a 16/7 Life Path. Had my Personality been a 3, I would still have been the spiritual dreamer and seeker I am, due to my 16/7 Life Path, but my Personality would have been much more social, fun loving, comfortable with others, expressive, and so forth. By the same token, a 16/7 Personality doesn't necessarily set someone on a path to seek spiritual growth, but it will definitely make that person look the part: geeky, quiet, bookish, etc.
Because your chart is void or nearly void in Grounded letters, you may be better at starting things than finishing them. Either you become bored with something soon after beginning it, or you take on so much that you don't have the energy or focus to accomplish anything. You may have difficulty in various aspects of your life, frequently changing jobs, lovers, residences, and even your beliefs and ideas on many of life's weightier issues.
If there is an over supply of the number 7 in your makeup, the negative aspects of the number may be apparent. The chief negative of 7 relates to the limited degree of trust that you may have in people. A tendency to be highly introverted can make you a bit on the self-centered side, certainly very much self-contained. Because of this, you are not very adaptable, and you may tend to be overly critical and intolerant.
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 Strong points: They are thought of having philosophical qualities – mysterious, quiet and skillful in analysis. Their clear awareness and prudent attitude give them a swift intuition. Confronted with some complicated problems, they can quickly calm down and find solutions. Additionally, they have a sensitive intuition and self-control introspection. Their strong sense of justice and sympathy help them make many friends. What’s more, they have a unique aesthetic sense. The purity of their temperament sets a good example for many people around.
You have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again. You may marry the same type of man or woman several times. You may quit smoking and start smoking again and quit again, over and over throughout your life. You might hop from job to job without finding the type of job that you feel passionate about and that fits your needs. You may avoid committed relationships again and again until you realize too late that you let real love slip out of your grasp.
The 22 Expression number is a higher vibration of the number 4, and as such is often referred to as a master builder. You are grounded, methodical, practical and with persistence, determination, and will power you can turn dreams into reality and create, build and accomplish things that will last for lifetimes. Be wary of being inhibited by doubt, and getting stuck on overly small details.
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To work against this shadow side of your number, try making more of an effort to connect with your spiritual, intuitive nature (rather than just using the analytical part of your mind). Meditating, taking daily photographs of moments of beauty and keeping a gratitude journal may all be helpful. A gratitude journal will also help you grow more positivity. This is especially effective if you challenge yourself to find the silver lining in everyday challenges. However, this will be a work in progress. You’ll likely need further exercises to become positive enough to manifest your ideal life.