Spa Software Offers Complete Business Solutions – 9 Common Features

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Spa software provides convenient ways for salons and spas to manage their schedules.

spa software

The Spa Management Software is designed to streamline the spa scheduling process by eliminating the need for employees to manually fill in timesheets, enter data into booking systems, or manually enter time and date info.

Most spa software packages come with automatic email and calendar reminders as well as an intuitive web-based interface.

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Salon spa software also typically includes a spa scheduler that allows spa owners to schedule employees based on location, availability readily, or even if they are taking a vacation.

Standard features of spa software

1. Common Features of Online Spa Software

Online bookings Give first-time and Repeat clients an easy-to-understand way to book spa appointments.

Provide salons to choose their preferred spa staff members. Provide payment options and automatic email and calendar reminders when the client is ready to schedule their next appointment.

Many spa software packages offer spa business owners a complete range of spa services, including appointment setting, customer service, reservation processing, and billing.

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2. Text Marketing

One of the essential features of management software is its use of SMS marketing tools for delivering customized messages directly to mobile devices.

Some management software offers mobile SMS marketing tools that can deliver brief, one-time messages to targeted clients.

3. Appointment Scheduling Software

Spa software programs are designed to make spa appointments more efficient. Spa scheduling software also has other useful features, which make managing clients easier.

When clients can easily plan their spa appointments, they will enjoy spa services more and feel more comfortable using spa facilities.

Spa appointment scheduling software programs have the right tools and features to help salons run more smoothly.

4. Efficient Scheduling Software

A spa software package is designed to help salons, and spas efficiently manage their schedules.

The key features include spa management tools, such as an appointment calendar and spa management tools.

Spa Management Software tools can be used for creating and managing clients.

These tools include spa design tools, appointment reminders, spa scheduling, and reminder follow-ups, client lookup and follow-up, client search and follow-up, and spa follow-up tools.

5. Manage Invitations and Appointments with Ease

The software has tools for calendar management, which makes it easier to set appointments, and reminders.

It has the right features for:

  • Online and offline appointment reminders
  • RSVP reminders
  • Call reminders
  • Phone call reminders
  • Text message reminders
  • Spa appointment reminders, and much more.

Your spa salon software will help manage all of the details that clients need to know about appointments and spa treatments.

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6. Easily Create Updating Schedules

Your spa software makes it easy for you to create up-to-date spa schedules for your staff members.

The scheduler includes multiple options for spa treatments, including availability and times.

You can also set up individual staff hours for different spa services. Each service can have an individual due date, so your clients will never miss a scheduled treatment.

The scheduler even includes automatic email alerts when spa services are overbooked or overdue, so you’ll always have accurate and up-to-date information about your spa.

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7. Send Gifts Automatically Through Email

Spa software has the right tools for sending spa gifts to your clients when you need to.

Spa gift card automated notifications provide clients with convenient ways to buy and customize spa gifts, right from their computers.

The Best Spa Management Software can send:

  • Spa gift cards
  • Gift certificates
  • Gift wrap
  • Personalized stamps
  • Spa gift certificates
  • Spa certificates
  • Coupon books
  • Business cards, and more

8. Manage Repeat Customers and Scheduling

With spa software, your staff management manages all spa services from A to Z.

You can set up and schedule spa services at set intervals, based on your spa’s spa schedule, including availability.

Your staff management manages customer service calls, reservations, spa information requests, spa reviews, and more.

It also includes spa feedback forms for spa treatments, giving your spa experts the feedback they need to provide your clients with the highest quality spa services.

9. Quick and Easy Reminders & Scheduling

A calendar can be a great reminder tool, but it can’t tell you when your next appointment is or if a client needs your help to groom his/her hair or get a massage.

Spa software will send out real-time spa reminders and appointment scheduling announcements to all your email recipients.

So, you never miss any appointments or appointment reminders.

You can set up automatic email notification updates for appointment reminders and other essential notifications for added convenience.


Spa software offers your spa businesses all of the tools they need to stay on top of spa treatments, giving your clients the spa treatment and services they deserve, whenever they want.

Wellyx helps spas attract new clients, keep track of client information, and increase profits. Spa systems are an excellent investment for any spa salon business.

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