5 Top Reasons to Visit Labuan Bajo Indonesia in 2022

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Who doesn’t know Labuan Bajo? One of the exclusive tourist attractions in Indonesia that continues to evolve. There are many Labuan Bajo Sumbawa trips or other routes, which offer wonderful experiences.

Are you curious to travel to this tourist area, located in Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province?

Check out five reasons why you should include it on your list of holiday destinations this year.

Labuan Bajo: From Sunset to the Best Underwater Tour

It won’t be a loss if you take the time to go to Labuan Bajo. There are a lot of nice things to be experienced while there. Start from a beautiful sunset to tours under the sea.

Best Sunset from Various Attractions

Usually, you can enjoy the sunset only at specific locations at other tourist locations. It is different from this tourist area because you can see the sunset anywhere, like cafes, beaches, mountains, hotels, and even a sailing ship. It’s like the sunset touches every inch of this place.

The reason is that the position of this area is directly facing the direction where the sun is starting to set. You know how the shape and color of the sun look very beautiful when it’s setting, right?

The Most Beautiful Pink Beach

There is a stretch of pink sand on one of the beaches, which offers a different view. It is very suitable for spending vacation time, and exciting photo spots are also available there.

Why is it pink? In this area, there are Foraminifera, animals that have a pink pigment that is transferred to various marine corals. Through waves, the corals eventually become a pile of sand on the beach.

Nothing wrong if this beach is included in one of the world’s best pink beaches. There are only seven pink beaches in the world!

Bajo Tribe, the Sailors

This area is inhabited by the indigenous Bajo tribe, known as great sailors. Not only making a living at sea but also an expert in diving. In general, the Bajo people can dive for up to 15 minutes and reach depths of up to 60 meters. Amazing, right?

Padang Food Paradise

Padang food lovers have a second home besides West Sumatra. Now, it’s possible to enjoy foods rich in side dishes with distinctive flavors. In Labuan Bajo, there are many Padang food stalls with very diverse menus.

In terms of taste, it is not inferior to Minangkabau Original Padang food. Almost in every area, some restaurants serve these foods, satisfying the desire to enjoy one of the best cuisines in Indonesia.

The Dream Dive Site

There are many dive sites available in this area, and Denpasar Labuan Bajo also has a clean and preserved sea. So you can easily see a variety of colorful marine animals. Incredible!

Don’t think too long. Immediately arrange a vacation schedule to the area where you can see Komodo dragons up close. Book tickets now, and see the great reasons above for yourself directly.

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