Avoid These 8 Common Website Design Mistakes for Best Results in 2021

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Every business needs to have its website up and live without any website design mistakes, in this digital age to ensure maximum lead generation and customers.

A website provides an insight into your website.

It ensures that you connect with your customers personally to understand their requirements and offer the best service.

While a good website design company will help grow your business, a wrong website design can kill it.

If you want to see your revenue grow, then creating the right website is essential for you.

website design mistakes

Just think that you’ve spent a ton of time designing your website, and you’ve picked an attractive theme, added stunning images, and crafted compelling copy as well.

You’re sure visitors will love it, but the real problem is you aren’t getting any visitors and not getting any real traffic.

Your site is nowhere on Page one of Google SERP, and now you are thinking what’s going on, what you have done wrong?

Well, here’s the thing. Your web design might be why your site is not ranking or ranking so low in search engines.

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Most Common Website Design Mistakes

Here are a few most common web design mistakes that may be hurting your SEO efforts and your search engine ranking.

website design mistakes

Some of the tips that you can follow to avoid any design mistakes are:

1. Design for both people and Google

While making a website, you need to remember two customers: people and Google.

The first customer, Google, will crawl through the website with its bots and rank your website in the SERP.

Only when you fulfill the Google algorithm requirements, you will interact with the second set of audiences, the people.

For Google:

To ensure that Google bots scan your website, here are some things you can keep in mind while designing your website:

  • Keywords: Make a list of keywords that suit your business best and the ones for which you want to rank on Google.
    Ensure that these keywords are used in the content, the Meta Description of the website pages, and tags used on the page.
  • Update your content regularly: From time to time, make sure that you are updating your content. That will establish your authority and help in ranking higher on the Google SERP.
  • Image size: While uploading an image, make sure that it is of the optimum size, both laptops, and mobile-friendly.

For People:

Even after ranking high on Google, if the customers are visiting the website and returning, i.e., the bounce rate is high, then too your ranking might fall.

For this to happen, follow the below tips:

  • Provide relevant content: Do not copy content from Google, instead make sure that you provide unique content that will help the audience.
  • Readability: Make sure that the content you are providing is readable and most informative.

2. Pay attention to basics

We tend to ignore some basic things while making a website. Make sure that you take care of these minor points:

  • Make sure all the pages are included in your website’s sitemap.
  • Include internal links to other content on your site.
  • Include external links to content on high-quality external sites.
  • Make sure that all the pages have a Meta name, including “noindex” which means that Google is ignoring the page.

3. Don’t overdo the plugins

Plugins help make your website more interactive but make sure that you are not overusing them.

They can cause harm to your website by either creating security issues or hampering your Google crawling.

4. Provide a good user experience

Users come to your website with an expectation and some information.

Make sure that you are dropping hints about it at the start only.

Instead of boasting about how great you are, address their most important concern or question.

The rest of the pages should continue to do that through various means like comparisons, pictures, testimonials, use cases, and reviews.

5. Hire a professional

Various website developers are offering their services at lower prices.

However, if you are looking to make a good website, then hiring a professional is a better option.

DO not opt for amateurs who will hand over a working website to you without much care about the SEO practices and multiple website design mistakes.

Hire a web developer who understands your business, knows how to implement any design in a consumable format, uses a logical combination, and has years of experience.

The developers should follow modern best practices and set quantifiable goals for site traffic analytics and page speed.

6. Checking Google Analytics and Search Console

Once your website has developed, you should regularly check your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to improve your website content and performance.

Thus, it will provide you with more detail about your audience, age, the keywords that are working for you, and other necessary information.

7. Multilingual Voice Enabled Website Designs

In today’s tie, when the entire world is connected, developing a multilingual voice that enables a website is essential to increase your audience.

8. Poor Website Navigation

Have you ever visited a website and had no clue what to do next?

I am sure you have been there somehow.

Have proper navigation and let your visitor know exactly what to do at a glance.

Plus, it also helps Google’s web crawlers to understand more about your site.


Your website is much more than just a digital billboard. It also acts as your e-commerce store and your salesperson.

It is the digital representation of your brand and your business.

It should help generate high-quality traffic and create revenue for you, rather than something that repels both Google and customers.

With a good website, you can go way ahead of your competitors who are still unaware of the common pitfalls.

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