How Can I Be The Best Working Homeschool Mom? [in 2022]

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How to be the Best Working Homeschool Mom

We can imagine a set of hardships for a working homeschool mom!

The way she juggles between her work then manages her daily chores, and handles the child’s home-based education, ALL BY HERSELF!

Despite their crazy schedules and nightmarish set of responsibilities, working moms do take charge of their child’s education at home.


However, the idea of homeschooling can be made easy and relaxing for both the homegrown learners and the facilitator.

5 Best Tips and Tricks for Working Homeschool Moms

Here’s my list of these best tips and tricks to make this endeavor easy for you:

1- Follow the right lesson plan example

A famous proverb says, ‘Well begun is half done!

For your homeschooling plan, this one applies LITERALLY!

When you plan to home-educate your kid, make sure you plan the lesson planning part is fool-proof and is backed up with clear learning goals.

To make this possible as a working homeschool mom, your selection of a curriculum should be well-planned as per the learner’s individual needs.

Don’t just select a curriculum randomly because it might leave you in more significant trouble making it challenging to execute.

Most of the available curriculums nowadays have great content to support your kid’s learning.

Make sure not to overdo academic assignments and subject knowledge.

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You can derive lesson plan examples from even more than one curriculum. And all this mix and match should be as per the learner.

It would be best to remember that this education system choice has the added advantage of thriving at a self-selected pace.

So the key is to keep a balance between this freedom along with proper handholding.

I conclusion, you can say that selecting a curriculum should be entire as per the learner’s learning style.

And down the line, it should set the student free from the learning rush of brick-and-mortar schooling.

2- Scheduling

Excellent and realistic schedules help homegrown learners to be more productive and balanced in their approach.

It is a strategy to ensure that your kid gets his/her share of the ‘ME TIME,’ over and above the necessary time segregations.

A flexible home-based study pattern is nowhere unplanned and haphazard. Instead, it is a freedom-based solution to make each day WORTH THE EFFORT!

The best thing about scheduling is that it helps you make up for the lost time when things did not fall in place.

So, with this basic framework, you are not left to wonder ‘WHAT, ‘WHEN’ and ‘HOW’ to do it?

It is super easy to download some printable available on the net and plan it around your own set of daily tasks, job hours, etc.

Always make it a point to keep your loved ones’ most productive hours in mind before planning this one.

AND TRUST ME is even better for a working homeschool mom to flip the kid’s study hours to the later parts of the day.

So be ready to experiment and strike out this balance, as homeschooling is all about experimenting and sticking to the best resolutions.

Another tip that can help you out with the scheduling part is to opt for a digital schooling platform.

It will take off loads of this scheduling part without depriving you of the home education benefits.

3- Create a blend of simplicity and creativity

How to be the Best Working Homeschool Mom

With this educational choice, you can always use the lesson plan examples and other handy online resources.

But when it comes to ‘YOUR WAY OF EDUCATING YOUR CHILD,’ it is never ‘BLACK OR WHITE!’

Try to create a plan that is fully functional and completely simple. But at the same time, be ready to experiment and change it as per the needs of your child.

Focus on even the slightest of details and keep yourselves flexible to carry it out for a longer duration.

Never stress yourself out with too many things in your bucket. Because it will leave you demotivated, and you might end up venting it out ALL WRONG!

Be utmost realistic and logical in your approach even while planning things like a recreational trip.

Because the idea of home-based study patterns is a product of your personal choice.

What might go well with some other homeschooler families can very much fall flat with you.

So keep a note of all this to save yourself from those ‘REPENTANCE MOMENTS.’ And gradually, it will start falling in place.

4- Demarcate the extent of multitasking

Your responsibilities as a working homeschool mom will be a daunting task altogether if you get too obsessed to ‘DO IT ALL AT ONCE.’

Remember that your life also has your share of requirements, be it in the workplace or your well-being.

Messing it up with too many things can make it WORSE for you someday.

Try to stay moderate with yourself and the learner because even your best schedules can go wrong if you stuff his/her brain with too much to handle.

The same goes for you as well. Devise a plan that gives you a breather, and do not get obsessed with the allocated targets.

Be open to your child’s suggestions as it might give you a better output this way.

Free up your time as per the workload that you are aware of. And always keep scope in the form of a ‘FALLBACK OPTION.’

5- Share it with them!

How to be the Best Working Homeschool Mom

Homegrown learners are familiar with their study patterns and schedules.

Trust me! It is excellent to involve the learner as a helping hand to create a ‘SHARED POOL OF FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES.’

It might not be possible for the younger ones but goes very well with the elder age groups.

During the planning time, you should involve the homeschooler in suggesting buffer time slots, lesson plan examples, and break time.

All this will make the learner more responsible about his/her schooling journey.

And you will gradually feel the beauty of ‘real companionship.’

Ending Thoughts

A working homeschool mom can accomplish the task of supporting a tremendous academic journey through the advantages of flexible learning schedules.

And it is proved that homeschoolers tend to perform better than the students of public schools in most cases.

So, the key takeaway is to plan it well and execute it realistically.

And what else?

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