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Hunting for some free funny Thanksgiving jokes for kids? You are on the right page! Read and share these kid-friendly thanksgiving jokes and riddles with your littlest friends and family. (Buy at Amazon.com: Funny Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles For Kids)

Free Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

  1. Why do the Pilgrims wish to travel to the United States early in the spring?
    The reason is that April Showers can bring MayFlowers.

  2. What happened when the turkey had a fight?
    Turkey got the filling bumped out of him!

  3. What was the reason for the turkey to cross the street?
    Because the chicken had a day off.

  4. How did the Mayflower prove that it enjoyed America?
    It hugged the shore.

  5. What went down with the Pilgrim who got shot by a Native Indian?
    He had an arrow escape.

  6. Why does this Native Indian chief put on a lot of feathers?
    To help keep their wigwam.

  7. Where did the very first corn come from?
    The stalk brought that.

  8. What exactly had that turkey said before it got cooked?
    Boy! I am stuffed!

  9. What is the real key to the perfect thanksgiving dinner?
    The turKEY.

  10. What was the reason that the police arrested that turkey?
    They suspected him of FOWL play.

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  11. What is the method of keeping a Turkey in anticipation?
    I’ll let you know next week.

  12. How do they allow the turkey to join the rock band?
    Because he had the drumsticks.

  13. On which side the turkey has got the majority of feathers?
    The outside.

  14. What type of music did the Pilgrims enjoy?
    Plymouth Rock.

  15. What is the reason that the pilgrim’s trousers always keep on falling?
    For the reason that their belt buckles are placed on their hats!

  16. What exactly does the Dracula name Thanksgiving?
    Fangs giving.

  17. What could be the best dance for Thanksgiving?
    The great turkey trot.

  18. Who’s not starving at the Thanksgiving day?
    The turkey since he is fully stuffed!

  19. How will you make the turkey float?
    You will need a few root beer, two scoops of delicious ice cream, and the turkey.

  20. What can you get if crossed a turkey with the octopus?
    Several drumsticks for the Thanksgiving day.

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  21. Best Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids – Is it possible for the turkey to jump higher than the Empire State Building?
    Yes, because a building cannot jump anyway.

  22. What is the reason that you cannot take the turkey to the chapel?
    Because they make use of such a FOWL language.

  23. What is the type of vegetable that you would like on this Thanksgiving?
    Beets me!

  24. What is the type of potatoes that go oui-oui-buzz-buzz?
    French flies.

  25. Which type of key has the legs but cannot open the doors?
    A turKEY.

  26. What on earth has the feathers and the webbed feet?
    Turkey wearing scuba gear.

  27. Why do these turkeys often go, “gobble, gobble”?
    Because they have never learned the excellent table etiquette.

  28. What is a dumb gobbler called?
    The jerky-turkey.

  29. If April-showers can bring Mayflowers, what do Mayflowers bring?

  30. What had the mother-turkey said to the disobedient kids of her?
    If perhaps your father could see you now, he’d go back in his gravy!

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  31. Hilariously Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids: What kind of noise can a limping turkey make?
    Wobble, wobble!

  32. What did the turkey say to the other one the moment they noticed the Pilgrims land located at Plymouth rock?
    They appear nice. Perhaps they will have us over for supper.

  33. What exactly do you think while you are crossing a turkey having a centipede?
    Drumsticks for everybody on Thanksgiving Day!

  34. What had that turkey said to the computer?
    Google, Google!

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  35. Why do the cranberries change red?
    When they saw the turkey dressing!

  36. What was the reason that the Mayflower sailor added a time-out?
    He was naughty-cal.

  37. When do the Mayflower sailors eat the supper?

  38. Guess what could be the turkey’s most loved dessert?
    Peach gobbler!

  39. Why the turkey went to see the movie?
    As it had Gregory Peck inside it.

  40. How do you name it the moment turkey fumbles in the football?
    A FOWL play.

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  41. At what time the turkey soup can be bad for yourself?
    In case if you are that turkey!

  42. How can you say that a donkey, a turkey, and a monkey are identical?
    Because all of them have KEYS.

  43. On sunny days, what do the turkeys enjoy doing?
    by having peck-nics!

  44. How can you determine how much the Mayflower liked the United States?
    The way Mayflower hugged the shore.

  45. Why do the turkeys always LAY the eggs?
    Just because if they dropped them, they’d possibly break!

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